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Each Child. Every Community.


Our Team

Lynn Bowles

Executive Director

(828) 689.1526

Penny Briggs

CCR&R Coordinator

(828) 689.1529

Whitney Nazari

Assistant Director

(828) 689.1525

Beth Honeycutt

Early Literacy Coordinator

(828) 689.1528

Bill Sewell

Accounting Coordinator

(828) 689.1527

For child care referrals: Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm the Southwestern Resource Coordinator is available to help families make informed decisions about quality child care and other parenting concerns. Simply answer some questions about your child care needs and they will provide you with a listing of referrals that meet your child care criteria. 

To get more information call toll free: 1-877-752-5955 or 828-586-5561 Ext. 314

or click the link below:

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Upcoming Training

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9 Child Care Centers

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2 Head Start Classrooms


26 Years in Service

Some kids win the lottery at birth; far too many don't - and most people have a hard time catching up over the rest of their lives. Children raised in disadvantaged environments are not only much less likely to succeed in school or in society, but they are also much less likely to be healthy adults.

 -Economist, James Heckman 

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